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Company Culture

Company philosophy:

The management system is constrained, the operation is law-abiding, and the technology is changing with each passing day,

Cooperation is open and open, customer service is supreme, and efficiency is in pursuit of win-win results.

Company vision:

By adhering to development and innovation and maintaining stable product quality, we have become a well-known cored wire supplier in China and even the world.

Company mission:

We are committed to solving the quality problems of liquid steel in the iron and steel industry, constantly optimizing and improving the product types, and providing more process choices and better product solutions for iron and steel manufacturers.

Company development:

Focus on the products of metallurgical cored wire industry and become the top three brands in metallurgical cored wire industry; Since seamless metal calcium cored wire started, it gradually covers dozens of types of cored wire products such as alloy rare earth; Starting with an annual production and sales of 2000 tons, it has gradually become a large producer in the cored wire industry with an annual production and sales of more than 20000 tons.


Sales:Maodong Ji
Mobile:+86 133 8538 3909
Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 133 8538 3909
Address:No. 5 Angang Street, Manzhuang Steel Market, Daiyue District,
Tai’an City, Shandong Province