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Ø Calcium yield is high,increased by 50% compared with seamed metal calcium wire ; Ø Calcium recovery is stable, small fluctuation between furnace time ; Ø Small fuming , good environmental protection effect ; Ø Good feeding depth, splashing is less than the conventional seamed pure calcium wire; Ø Low cost, calcium treatment cost is reduced by more than 10% . Ø Long shelf life, a year without inner Ca rod oxidation.

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Shandong Countries Benefit New Materials Co.Ltd., is located at the foot of Mount Tai, which is only one kilometer south of tai 'an high-tech zone, with 104 national highway, beijing-fuzhou expressway and beijing-shanghai expressway running through .
      The company covers an area of 38,620 square meters, has a 5000 square meters office building, it specializes in the production of seamless metal calcium series cored wire.It has 120 employees, 30 undergraduates, 28 junior college students, 62 junior college students.It consists of financial department, purchasing department, process research and development department, production department, quality inspection department...<More>

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The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit

The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit


The 13th Cored Wire Industrial Chain Summit

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