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Discussion on internal control standard of seamless calcium wire
Hits:     Date:2017-10-25 11:16:03

Discussion on internal control standard of seamless calcium wire

1. Chemical composition of calcium core:


2. Nominal diameter of seamless calcium wire: 9.0 ~ 9.0 + 0.6mm; Steel strip thickness: 1.0 ± 0.05mm;

3. Requirements for meter weight of seamless calcium wire: calcium core weight ≥ 52g / m, steel belt weight ≤ 210g / m

4. Oil stain and rust shall be removed before steel belt coating. The calcium core shall be kept dry and shall not be mixed with other magazines. The cored wire shall be wrapped firmly without core leakage, seam opening, wire removal, false package, oil and rust on the surface.

5. Packaging requirements: the weight of iron frame shall meet the general requirements of cored wire. The outer contour of the product shall be tightly wrapped with plastic film, and there shall be an indelible label on the outside, indicating the name, main element content, size, weight, production unit and production date.

More seamless calcium wire knowledge 。

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