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Market analysis of seamless calcium wire at home and abroad in 2017
Hits:     Date:2017-7-15 8:34:13

Market analysis of seamless calcium wire at home and abroad in 2017

Since 2017, metal coarse calcium, metal calcium wire, metal calcium particles and other products have fallen with different ups and downs, and the transaction quotation of the main stream of the mall has a downward trend, but the downstream seamless pure calcium line is not greatly affected by raw materials. Although the overall trend of domestic shopping malls is not optimistic, due to the high production cost of pure calcium wire manufacturers, the slight adjustment in the quotation of upstream metal calcium wire and metal calcium particle products does not have a great impact on the cored wire shopping malls.

It is learned from the communication of domestic normal start-up cored wire production companies that most manufacturers can take orders to produce all kinds of alloy cored wires except seamless pure calcium cored wires, while domestic companies that can produce and process seamless calcium wires with mature technology are second to customers. Recently, it is mainly exported to Japan, Canada and other countries. The demand of domestic low-end steel mills is relatively thin, and the later use may gradually increase, but this is a relatively long process.


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