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Advantages of seamless metal calcium wire products
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Seamless metal calcium wire is a kind of seamless solid metal calcium cored wire used for steelmaking deoxidation. It is composed of outer steel pipe, intermediate coating and inner core; The inner core is solid metal calcium (pure calcium) wire.

Seamless metal calcium wire has the advantages that the seamless solid metal calcium cored wire provided by the utility model can reduce the steam pressure and gasification speed of metal calcium, increase the depth of seamless solid metal calcium cored wire inserted into liquid steel, reduce the boiling of liquid steel, and reduce the time for metal calcium to be absorbed by molten steel, which not only overcomes the boiling phenomenon of the existing slotted solid calcium cored wire inserted into liquid steel, It also reduces the phenomenon that the hollow or uneven weight of core powder of powder calcium cored wire affects the wire feeding, avoids the introduction of harmful elements (s, P, C, SI) in powder calcium cored wire, and greatly improves the yield and stability of metal calcium. The cored wire has the advantages of uniform wire diameter, high tensile strength, good toughness and not easy to break, which is more conducive to the accurate control of wire feeding. The core wire is dense and tightly wrapped, which can be stored for a longer time and ensure the use effect.


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