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Seamless calcium wire becomes the symbol of environmental protection in iron and
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Seamless calcium wire becomes the symbol of environmental protection in iron and steel industry

Seamless calcium wire is suitable for refining, can purify steel liquid, change the shape of sundries, improve the castability and mechanical properties of steel, and can significantly improve the absorption rate of calcium and reduce the cost of steel making, and its economic effect is remarkable.

According to the requirements of green development, China's steel industry has increased investment in capital, talents, technology research and development, and made beneficial exploration in the new generation of recyclable steel manufacturing process, green manufacturing and environmental management. A number of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises emerged. Such enterprises as hesteel Tang steel, Taigang, Baosteel and Japan steel have become the business card of green development of the steel industry. The environmental protection work of enterprises has changed from simple environmental governance to clean production green manufacturing under the premise of integrated optimization of energy conservation and environmental protection technology and efficient utilization of resources and energy.

The implementation of the new environmental protection law puts forward higher requirements and stricter standards for the steel industry. Through increasing investment, promoting technology upgrading and comprehensive application, the steel industry has made significant progress in energy conservation and emission reduction. The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel has decreased year by year, and the emission of major pollutants per ton of steel is reduced year by year, The total energy consumption and air pollutant emission of China's steel industry have entered a declining stage. Environmental protection is a long-term plan. In order to realize the sustainable development of the environment in the steelmaking industry, it will enter the normal of green manufacturing and manufacturing in the future. Seamless calcium wire auxiliary materials will make the steel industry shake off the hat of "heavy pollution" and win new opportunities in the development of steel making.

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