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The technology of calcium deoxidation of seamless calcium wire
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The technology of calcium deoxidation of seamless calcium wire
Calcium is the strongest deoxidizer used in steelmaking so far. In molten steel, calcium has a unique chemical connection with dissolved oxygen and total oxygen in non-metallic inclusions. Calcium treatment can improve the grain size of steel. It is an effective means to desulfurize, deoxidize, fine tune the alloy and control the morphology of inclusions in steel, especially in improving the castability of aluminum killed steel.

Seamless calcium wire ladle wire feeding skills began to be used in molten steel treatment in steel mills abroad in 1970. It has been widely used in international steel enterprises, especially the rapid development of thin plate continuous casting skills. In 1990, the patent of seamless calcium wire technology was introduced in China. Meanwhile, the skill of feeding calcium wire into the ladle for calcium treatment of molten steel is the most widely used wire feeding skill in the world.

The above content introduces the calcium deoxidation technology of seamless calcium wire, and more seamless calcium wire knowledge is here 。

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