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Special advantages of seamless calcium wire entering China
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Special advantages of seamless calcium wire entering China

1: Advantages of seamless pure calcium wire

Stabilizing the calcium content in molten steel, reducing the cost of calcium feeding line, better suitable for smelting refined steel and reducing the cost are the goals that various steel enterprises have been looking for.

2: Nowadays, there is fierce competition among manufacturers of seamless pure calcium wire. How does Ziming stand out

1. Our company's seamless pure calcium wire treatment process meets this requirement.

2. The basic metallurgical characteristics of calcium are melting point 850 ℃, boiling point 1480 ℃, density 1.55g/cm3, melting degree close to zero in molten steel, high affinity for oxygen, and liquid calcium can dissolve Al2O3 inclusions.

3. Large liquid inclusions are formed after Al2O3 and calcium treatment in molten steel, which is easier to float up.

4. The nozzle blockage caused by excessive Al2O3 in molten steel is reduced and the castability of molten steel is improved.

5. After calcium treatment, Al2O3 inclusions remain spherical and improve the properties after rolling.

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