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Guoyi talking about the effect of using seamless metal calcium wire
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Guoyi talking about the effect of using seamless metal calcium wire

1. The treatment effect of seamless metal calcium wire on molten steel and the process principle and effect of composite pure calcium wire. When calcium is added to molten steel, part of it is dissolved in molten steel to become dissolved calcium in steel;

2. Part of the seamless pure calcium wire volatilizes in the form of steam; Part of it reacts with Al2O3 inclusions or s in the steel to form impurities. During the refining and continuous casting process after the treatment, such impurities float up into the slag, and the residual part remains in the steel to become inclusions.

3. Modification of inclusions: Al2O3 becomes CaO-Al2O3 or Cao - Al2O3 CAS; CAS becomes cao-al2o3-cas. Seamless pure calcium wire can effectively change the fluidity of molten steel. Save the use of alloy and other deoxidation and desulfurization materials and smelting cost.

4. The inclusion status in molten steel is related to the amount of calcium, time and speed.


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